Healthy Workout & Diet Plan For Weight Loss & Lean Body |

30 Day (4 Week) Blast


Get ready to blast off into a healthier lifestyle with my 30-day fitness program, designed to help you see quick results and get you started on your journey.

30-Day Customized Fitness Plan Comprising:

2x Generic Palette Style Macro/Calorie Based Nutritional Plan (Keto, Vegan, Paleo, Pescatarian)

1x Mindset Renewal & Habit Development Plan

3x Generic Cardiovascular & Conditioning Workout Plan

4x Customized Strength Training Workout Plan

4x Customized Macro/Calorie Based Results Driven Nutrition Plan

6x (90mins) Virtual Workout Session

6x Weekly Accountability Check-in Emails

6x (30 mins) Bi-Monthly Accountability Video calls